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Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Each wedding anniversary has a gemstone that represents the everlasting love of the happy couple. Anniversary gemstones are traditionally offered as anniversary gifts to express love and affection, support, and appreciation.

1st Anniversary Ruby 16th Anniversary Emerald
2nd Anniversary Sapphire 17th Anniversary Pearl
3nd Anniversary Emerald 18th Anniversary Diamond
4nd Anniversary Pearl 19th Anniversary Aquamarine
5nd Anniversary Diamond 20th Anniversary Ruby
6nd Anniversary Jade 25th Anniversary Tanzanite
7nd Anniversary Opal 30th Anniversary Pearl
8nd Anniversary Aquamarine 35th Anniversary Emerald
9nd Anniversary Spinel 40th Anniversary Ruby
10nd Anniversary Ruby 45th Anniversary Sapphire
11nd Anniversary Amethyst 50th Anniversary Diamond
12nd Anniversary Peridot 55th Anniversary Emerald
13nd Anniversary Topaz 60th Anniversary Diamond
14nd Anniversary Tourmaline 65th Anniversary Sapphire
15nd Anniversary Sapphire 60th Anniversary Pearl
    75th Anniversary Diamond